My Vision

Hi. I am Dominic Mortimer and I started Kids2Kids charity in 2010, when I was 12 years old. Stirred by a family trip we took to Africa, I felt moved to undertake a special mission, supporting the people of Tanzania and Kenya. I spent time playing and living with these children, and their love and affection is now permanently encryted on my soul. It was from this moment, that I have wanted to share these awesome friends of mine, with the world. I invite you to join me, and get involved. The benefits are infinite and immeasurable.


– to empower kids and help light up their world.

– to help teach reading and computer skills.

– to pray with and for others, and share our faith

– to establish friendships abroad.

– to help build on what other kids already have.

– to realise we are jigsaw puzzle pieces that can come together to create something bigger and more beautiful.

– to raise our hands and voices in stepping up to help.

– to smash through boundaries of fear and injustice.

– to surprise each other with joy and generosity.

– to use our talents, to give others the opportunity to use theirs. (Blackout Band)

– to overcome difficulties.