School Bus for St Monica’s Primary

May day! May day! Alerting all troops out there. Final call for champions to board a special bus for little champions.

We are called on a mission. Should you choose to take this mission on, you will lighten hearts and lift lives for a school of amazing kids.

Mission: To buy a school bus
School: St Monica’s in Kihonda, Tanzania
Why: NO Bus=NO School=No Education=Limited Prospects
Cost: $15,000 (or a 30 seater is $30,000)
So far saved up: $12,000
Remaining: $3,000
Target Time: I am leaving for Africa on 28 June 2013
Goal: To personally present the kids with their 1st ever school bus

So time is of the essence!!!

Every donation made, pays for a another child’s fare… towards a fair life.