Sister Schools

Establish Sister School

St Monica’s is a Catholic Primary School situated in Kihonda, in Morogoro. It is the only Church School not run by the Government, making it unique. There are 300 students and 11 Teachers.

Fortunately for me, my Primary School was St Paul’s Catholic Primary School, Albion Park.

St Paul’s is an innovative and creative school, open to new ideas and fresh ways to live out their faith. As such, St Paul’s has been a fine choice of Sister School to establish a faith filled relationship with St Monica’s across the shores.

St Paul’s School has already donated furniture, books, art supplies. These supplies were shipped over in 2010.

St Paul’s has had a number of “Blackout Concerts” to raise funds for St Monica’s. Every cent raised from gold coin donations went directly to purchasing desperatly needed new desks, and now also the School bus.

The amazing Xrts Christian Youth Drama Company generously donated their time to perform an Easter Drama for St Paul’s School. Once again, all gold coin donations went directly towards the school bus.

The Years 5 & 6 children have been writing letters to their peers at St Monica’s as well, which I will once again hand deliver on our next trip in July.

It’s interesting how so much joy, gratitude and grace can eminate from such poverty stricken circumstances. With so little materially they are rich in spirit and deep in faith. We can learn so much from these gracious and humble people.

The children from both schools have benefited educationally, socially and spiritually.